Monday, 22 February 2010

Website Review - Me & Em - Luxury Loungewear

Having cleverly and seamlessly changed their name from Pyjama Room last year, Me & Em has now surely become the destination of choice for gorgeous, luxurious (though not over priced) clothes to waft around in after a visit to the gym, a day on the beach, travelling just about anywhere or just for relaxing in at home.

This season they follow the trend for ice-cream shades with easy dresses and flattering ruched tops which sit alongside the main collection of layering lacy tops and tx, easy, pull-on palazzo pants and wonderfully soft cashmere 'weekend wraps' which any discerning traveller in their right mind would want to collect.

There are more and more 'loungewear' retailers appearing online, but very few who manage to get the mix of style and luxury just right with just a nod to what's going on in fashion right now, and with this quite irresistible collection and very well designed and easy to use website, in this writer's opinion, Me & Em manage the lot.

Incidentallly the top two pictures are from the new collection which will be going up at the beginning of March. The lounge trousers and tops in the other are there now.

Looking outside I'm horrified to see that it's still snowing! I don't remember being forecast this little lot - of course as I live on the top of a hill I always get the worst. So it's back on with the snow boots. Brrrrr.

Tomorrow, thank goodness, it's back to London and a meeting with a potential new agent, then dinner at 101 Pimlico Road, which if you can you should pay a visit to because it's tres chic, offers excellent food and very reasonable prices. And the chef is a friend of mine. Go there if you can. And tell him from me to get back on Twitter. Honestly! Some people.............follow him, anyway.

And.......just in case anyone's been waiting with baited breath for the next newsletter from, no, it's not that I've been lazy, it's just that we've been moving over to a new server which, as these things always to, is taking longer than it should. This week, hopefully!