Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Beauty Review - Trish McEvoy - Makeup Planners and More........

I first came across Trish McEvoy on a trip to New York for a cousin's wedding with my daughter when she was 11, when I was seduced in Bloomies to spend a huge amount of money on one of her planners - needless to say after an hour of being counselled and made-up with
Trish McEvoy Mini Planner Pagein an inch of my life I was in no fit state to say 'oh no, that's far too much', so I bought the lot.

Now the reasons I still continue to be a Trish addict and collector are quite simple, she has some of the very best products, wonderful, unique fragrances and a system that can go with you anywhere. As someone who trains and tubes it up to London, goes swimming, then to meetings etc and wants to look 'ok' the whole time, I can tell you that one of her zip-up treasures will take you from gym/swim to lunch and on to dinner with no trouble at all. I would never be without mine.

Not only that, but if you're on a long haul flight you can repair your makeup to look flawless when you arrive by having everything you need, from foundation to mascara, in one tiny case.

I have to say that I hate makeup that is over-done, it's probably an age thing (and don't those young girls pile it on??), but because people come up to me and ask me what's wrong with me if I don't make the effort I always do, but try and keep it natural looking.

Yesterday I had a seriously big treat, as one of Trish McEvoy's head makeup people just happened to be in Selfridges when I was heading off to a major meeting not thinking I looked my best. Half an hour later I felt (and I think I looked) so much better. If you have the opportunity go there and ask for David - a hilariously funny and hugely talented Parisien. You'll have a ball and you'll look amazing. The other girls are excellent as well, but he was superb.

Every girl needs her Trish McEvoy planner. But that's only the start. The fragrances are unusual and gorgeous (I have two favourites, Blackberry and Vanilla Musk, and Mandarin and Ginger Lily), her Beauty Booster Creme is superb and Eye Base Essentials won't let your eye shadow slip a smidge at any time. And that's just a very few.

And if you want a real treat, buy one of her huge pots of Blackberry and Vanilla Musk Body Polish Sugar Scrub - it's totally delicious (not literally, of course).

The best way to order anything Trish McEvoy related at the moment, if you can't get to Selfridges or Harvey Nichols, is to take a look online at Neiman Marcus in the US (and obviously order from them if that's where you are), but if not, call Selfridges and they'll send all this gorgeousness out to you.