Saturday, 6 February 2010

Packing - The Eternal Dilemma............

I've always been seriously good at packing, so good, in fact, that I'm frequently totally ready to scoot out of the door about a week before I have to leave. My only real problem is that so efficient am I, I'm not happy unless I've packed for every possible occasion which might occur (and of course many of them don't(, making it impossible for me to go anywhere without huge amoungs of stuff I never use.

I think that many of us are guilty of this, particularly as we know for a fact that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. It doesn't make any difference - I just have to take it all.

Well this time I've been presented with a real problem; me, on my own, flying to Geneva and then taking the train up into the mountains to stay with friends, for a 'little bit of skiing (hah! you haven't seen me ski) a little bit of R&R and added in at the last minute, one dressed up dinner and three occasions in private chalets owned by friends of my hosts. I'm not sure where the R&R is going to fit in to all of this but I think it's going to be a laugh.

However, and back to my main topic, I've been told to bring 'smart casual' (ugh, whoever coined that phrase.........) for two dinners, very smart for one and no feedback on the fourth at all. Smart smart is of course no problem - the eternal lace LBC works perfectly here with black suede heels, a few jewels and, dare I say the word? A pashmina. So that's done.

Smart casual I've always had a problem with, being much better at dressing up than dressing down. I see friends of mine manage it perfectly but I never feel I've got it quite right. I'm told this is me being obsessive, however there we are and I can't help it. Oh, and one other thing. I've also been instructed that I may not bring only black. Blow! You have no idea (or perhaps you have) how much trouble that one's going to cause me - at least 75% of my wardrobe is black (ok, I'm lying, 80%).

Because I simply can't, at this point in time, go out and invest in a completely new wardrobe (sons demanding money, dogs needing food etc) and if I did it would probably end up being black anyway because that's where I gravitate when I'm ready to flash the plastic, I decided to just add in a couple of pieces to 'lift' things a bit, and get me out of trouble.

In London this week I spotted this cream Reiss jacket, didn't buy it, regretted it, and it's now winging its way towards me. I think it'll work with black, don't you? It's actually much nicer than it looks here, a slightly richer cream and a lovely heavy weight and if anyone's going to shout at me for horizontal lines on someone who's more than a little vertically challenged, please don't. I know. I haven't tried it on yet. But I thought over a lace edged cami with some vintage style pearls it might just fit the bill.

My second purchase is black, no excuses there; DKNY very slim and stretchy black jeans - they're gorgeous and flattering, look wonderful with my very high tan leather ankle boots and I'm appalled to say that no matter how hard I've tried I can't find them online for you. How ridiculous. If anyone knows where you can buy them on the web please let me know.

Finally, and I hope no one's going to accuse me of fudging the black issue, I invested in Velvet's fine cashmere grey and black modern shaped cardi. I loved it so much the girl in the shop practically had to rip it off my back so that I could pay for it. It'll go with everything and I love it. Steel grey cami going into the bag then.

So what to travel in when you're on your own, you have a flight, a long train journey, a (probably far too) heavy bag? I don't know. The jury's out on that one. I know it includes snow boots because they won't fit in my bag. Any and all suggestions welcome. And I still have the third dinner to think about.........sighs.