Monday, 1 February 2010

Leblas Designer Jewellery .........Mothers and Daughters

I'm sure you have those days when you remember something you meant to do some time back, and this is one of those days (apparently, according to Heart FM, it's also go to work naked day, but I won't comment on that!)

Some time back my daughter and I visited the launch of a jewellery store in Sloane Street - Leblas, which you may or may not have heard of. You can see a pic of us both there below, a little bit poignant because after writing this I'm about to take her to the airport to start her gap year travels, but anyway, back to reality, no comments thanks on the fact that the daughter is so tall (and wearing 6 inch heels), and the mother, er, how shall I put it? Ok - not tall.

The jewellery at Leblas is completely stunning, and includes diamond engagement rings, fabulous filigree gold and silver earrings and pendants and glamorous cocktail rings.

Everyone who was there was entered into a draw for this gorgeous pendant (and please excuse the pic, this is my effort) and guess who won it - yup, that would be me.

The prices go from mid to high but the difference here with many jewellery stores, both online and off, is that the quality is superb. When I met Clare from Leblas recently and I mentioned another jewellery brand she sniffed (well not quite) and said yes, but the quality bears no comparison to ours. You know what? I believe her.

Anyway, here's the mother with her far too tall daughter. Boy did we have fun that evening. Off to the airport I go.

I'm very grateful to Retail Jewellery Magazine for producing this picture - the Leading Watch and Jewellery Magazine.