Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Website Review - Frenchs Dairy - Fabulous Costume Jewellery

You may well not have heard of many of the designers here, but I can safely say that this unusually named retailer of magical costume jewellery is probably going to become one of your favourites.

It's the kind of place you come across by chance (and it would almost have to be, given the name) but when you arrive you find things you've been searching for for a while - in my case? A necklace. I've been looking for something a little bit different, modern, flattering (I'm only little, after all) that would give me all that shopping therapy pleasure and that I'd want to wear over and over again.

You'd think that should be easy, but let me tell you I've been searching for months, and have always ended up buying another pair of earring instead. I'm hard to please you see.

Anyway, there are several here that take my fancy and I will be investing very soon, if not today (I'm sitting on my credit cards to try and reign me back but I have that tingly feeling that it's simply not going to work).

Lovely site with lovely products - slight pity about the name from an online retail search point of view - but I'll be talking to them about that shortly - I'm never known to hold back, as I think you've realised.

Spent yesterday meeting Marci from Florida, who I met via Twitter (yes really), who's a marketing guru with far, far too many friends on Facebook. I'm waiting for her twelve step program which I almost certainly won't be sharing with you until I have at least as many Fans as she has friends. Go there now, and help me please.

After coffee at the Landmark hotel, just opposite Marylebone Station, where neither of us could stop talking, we went on to Le Boudin Blanc in Shepherd's Market - which, if you don't know it, is a wonderful French restaurant where you practically have to speak French to order. The salmon carpaccio was incredible, but the risotto less so. I never have liked truffles so don't ask me why I ordered it. A word of advice, don't try going there unless you've booked, it's extremely popular.

Back home after checking out Uniqlo (not interesting despite +J Jil Sander's wonderfully light down jackets) and a quick in and out at Zara, relentlessly on sale and boring, I was amazed to discover that I had won a shopping spree at my favourite online boutique. I pretty well never win anything so I did think someone was pulling a fast one, to start with. No, it's true, and I will be spending happily very shortly.

After I've bought my next piece of jewellery, of course.