Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Spring Fashion Trends - Tribal and Animal Print

A couple of weeks ago I asked on Twitter for contributions about Spring Summer Trends. One of the main ones that came back to me was the whole Tribal/Safari/Animal Print theme which always makes me happy personally as a) I already have lots of tribal trend pieces in my cupboard and b) I love animal prints, whether leopard, zebra or tiger. I'm not quite so keen on snake, because for a start lots of people have an aversion to it, and secondly it doesn't normally seem to stay on-trend for quite so long as the others.

I also think that if you're going to invest in this theme, and you're a print addict, you're better to go for an accessory, such as bag, belt, heels or scarf, because then they really will last for ages, whereas you might regret that leopard print coat next year as being just too, well, obvious.

The other great thing about animal prints in particular is that they suit everyone, although not everyone loves them, and they're never, ever far away from being a trend theme.

Scouring what's already in the stores I found, and immediately fell in love with, Anya Hindmarch's snakeskin clutch, Yarnz Neo Zebra cashmere scarf (which is reduced, so grab it while you can) and Jimmy Choo's Saba shoulder bag, which is also hugely reduced, at the Outnet.

Finally I'm going completely against myself because I seriously love Marc Jacobs' animal print trench. Don't you?

Thanks to everyone who suggested this, and particularly personal stylist Martine Alexander.

Yesterday had my first proper meeting day back in London, most of which I spent with my lovely literary agent, KT, discussing future projects and eating too much at Franco's in Jermyn Street (again). If you don't know it, book first but go there, it's buzzing with business types and has a very good set lunch. Back to the book world and the horrible ends of sales in the stores. Thank goodness for online, is what I say, where it doesn't matter how many rounds of the seasons a product has done, the pictures remain the same!