Monday, 18 January 2010

New Arrivals from Miu Miu, Christian Louboutin and Alexander McQueen

Just about to start writing my weekly newsletter when I realised that my developer's server had gone down and therefore all that research was for nothing.

Woah! I said to myself, let it not be wasted, these are items I am hearting over right now, and so to not be able to tell someone about them, my followers here, and then my 7000+ subscribers at later on, would be such a shame.

I'm falling in love just about every day at the moment, making life extremely difficult, but I am, as I think some of you are, just so over the sales, and even though it's pretty dreadful outside (although warmer, I have to admit) I want to see and feel the sparkling, shiny and new, and not things I've been eyeing for a while, which, in all probability, I can't afford at half price, let alone full.

This week I've been looking for treasures that I could, at a pinch, wear now, that would last me all season, that are right on trend and that if I do splash out I will worship for a long time. These three are just ready and waiting, gorgeous to look at and heaven to have in your closet. What do you think?

They're from three of my all time favourite online boutiques, and there are more new arrivals here, on a page which will automatically lead you through the wardrobe door to ever newer and more (expensive? no I don't mean to say that), irresistible finds. You have been warned.