Saturday, 30 January 2010

MAC Cosmetics - Cult Beauty Brand - and more

I think I mentiond earlier on that I met up this week with Charlotte of MAC, Estee Lauder's scene stealing cosmetics and skincare brand much loved by photoshoot makeup artists (as well as just about everyone else).

If you've ever tried to buy any of their products in Selfridges you'll know that it's a huge stand, usually densely popululated by a) scurrying MAC assistants all dressed in black plus b) hoards of MAC-addict shoppers desperate to get their hands on MAC favourites and the latest colours.

I have to admit that the last time I was there with my daughter I quite simply did a runner, leaving her with gloomy looking boyfriend in tow, telling them I'd buy them tea when they managed to escape - which happened about half an hour later. They are, quite amazingly, still together.

This is all slightly tongue-in-cheek, as it was just before Christmas. I'm sure it's much better now!

Anyway, back to this week and Charlotte, who politely reminded me that I had omitted to add them to, so I now have, and you can buy everything online without any of that travelling/queueing/travelling back paraphernalia you need to go through to get to your nearest stockist. Well we girls in black have to stick together, don't we? In any case, the products are well worth the words, as you may well already know.

And back to the subject of black - what do you wear to a smart casual dinner (with slim pants) - at a smart chalet in the Swiss Alps. I've fallen for this - let me know what you think..........rather suspect I might be cold. And what on your feet? - leopard print Louboutins have been suggested but I'm not sure my budget goes quite that far. Snow boots? Hmmmm....I've really got to put some more thought into this one.

It's back to cold here again, as I think it is with most people, and I for one have had enough, not that anyone's listening to me. The daughter goes off to South Africa on Monday for the first stage of her gap year travels, I envy her the heat, but definitely not the backpack - those have just never been quite my style.