Saturday, 16 January 2010

Jessica Nails - Opi Nails - Seche Vite - Nail Treats for Spring

Twice this week I spent some time with girls with perfectly painted dark coloured manicures. While I seethed quietly in envy (because I find it hard enough to keep shape and a glossy clear polish, let alone something dark and glamorous), I wondered, quite frankly, how they had the time. I don't, kids, husband, two dogs get in the way, and then even if I try I've inevitably ruined all my hard work within a couple of hours by doing that nail ruiner of all time - washing up.

I do, however, have some absolutely favourite brands, ranging from Jessica, to Opi, to Rimmel (fave colour of the moment Perfect Plum) and the wonder dryer, best of them all, Seche Vite.

Apparently this spring some of us will be going for pale green again (although not me, as I've said before), candy colours to let your nails 'pop', such as Opi's Off with her Red, from the just-about-to-be-released Alice in Wonderland Collection (which also contains an amazing glittery turquoise called Absolutely Alice), Jessica's No Tan Lines or the delicious Feather Boa, and perfect matte nude Sweet Tooth.

For me, I'll almost certainly be going to keep to my all time favourites - Jessica's Rejuvenation Base Coat for Dry Nails and Seche Vite's incredible glossy, fast drying top coat, the best I have ever tried. I'll also be giving a go to Leighton Denny's Sensual Glam shimmering pale cream (just to be daring you understand).

Pedicures are another matter altogether. I do not understand those people who only bother with their feet during the summer - surely they have to look at them all the year round? I use the same base and top coat, but my fave for the moment is Jessica's Feather Boa as mentioned above - a yummy mauve purple. Give it a try.

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