Friday, 29 January 2010

Fashion's Love Affair with Black

Having been in the fashion industry in one way or another for the past twenty years or so, I never really think about the predominantly black 'uniform' I put on day after day, as opposed, because I don't like them, to the 'New Nudes', or pastels, which I would never even consider. I tend to duck from 'brights' I will confess.

Any of us, and that's probably most of us, who read the glossies, aspirational or otherwise, never blink an eye when we're told that grey, brown or (worse) greige is the 'new black'. Admit it, please, we don't. Even green has been known to be the 'new black', a daft thought whichever way you look at it.

Well this week I had a bit of an eye opener, in a business conversation with someone most definitely not of the fashion world. 'Why do you always wear black', I was asked. Well, looking down at my immaculate side ruffled black leather jacket, neat LBD and platform boots......Um, I was flummoxed. What else would you think. And didn't he notice the purple leather handbag tucked neatly by my side which in my opinion added the only blast of colour needed on a dull January day?

I have to say I walked out of there in a bit of a daze, as one does when ones appearance is questioned and was hugely relieved at my next meeting with Charlotte of MAC to see that she was wearing a ruffled sleeved top, slim skirt, black shoes and gorgeous leather belt (I didn't notice her bag) but I suspect it was black as well as everything else.

I suppose, when really considering it, that those of us combining fashion, city living and the desire to appear contemporary at all times find a wardrobe if not totally black then mostly black 'highlighted with shimmering metallics and the odd pop of colour' totally suitable to our existances'. Flattering, modern, sexy (when we want it to be) and of course, safe.

Whether or not this unexpected comment is going to get me very far away from my black we'll see. You? You let me know. I'm considering the options, as you can see.

For today, before dashing out to yet another meeting; black skinny trousers, black wrap top, black ankle boots and.......a deep black red jacket. Well we all love Chanel's Rouge Noir, n'est-ce pas? So around twelve years ago but so 'now' as well, don't you think?

Two days, six meetings (all good), two swims, three visits to the gym - this has been one of the busiest weeks of all time. And it's only the start of the year - it can only get worse.