Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fashion Alert - The New Leather Biker Jacket and how to wear it.

Biker jackets are having another renaissance, or should I say re-renaissance, because have they ever really gone away? They're a staple that ever girl needs in her wardrobe whether designer or high street (although where leather is concerned you should buy absolutely the best quality you can afford and I seem to remember saying something similar before).

My definite favourites of the moment, which you could buy now, wear throughout the season and into the next (with the exception, possibly of the first on my list), are Matthew Williamson's fabulous coral leather jacket (at a price that slightly makes my eyes water) in a style that you really have to be very slim for, Rick Owens metallic leather jacket (ok I'll stop talking about price now).

More at premium high street level, there's new kid on the block Mint Velvet's crinkled leather jacket, and for those, who like me, don't want to look like mutton dressed up as lamb (not I'm not being ageist, just realistic) I like D&G's ruffled edged jacket, even thought I do always have a slight problem with ruffles and leather together.

Which brings me to another point - how do you wear your biker jacket once it lands on your doorstep. Rule number one; never, ever ever with leather trousers, please! But you probably know that one.

From then there are two options - smart or casual. That's the beauty of gorgeous leather, it looks cool, collected and on trend when worn with jeans and a t-shirt, heels or flats and then can transform a smart little dress into something contemporary and ever-so-slightly edgy.

I was asked recently if you could be too old to wear leather and the answer is it depends on what, and your style. Keep it in style - hence my mutton as lamb comment above - go for a shape that flatters and it'll always make you feel good.

The sales are still dragging on and the bargains are getting better. Although I can freely admit that I'm sick and tired of them there are some amazing bargains to be found, particularly of the leather jacket/designer handbag variety with discounts from 60% and more. My real problem now is that I'm seriously thinking 'Spring' and waiting for something marvellous to happen to inspire me. Oh well.......