Monday, 18 January 2010

Fabulous or Feeble at 40, it's totally up to you

It's rare that a piece in a newspaper succeeds in making me cross - but I have to say that this one did:

Because it's simply not true. You are what you allow yourself to be. If you're not prepared to take risks, think that you should give up and stay at home, that your life is over, then you only have yourself to blame, I'm afraid.

I'm not a trumpet blower, so I'll get this over with quickly, I became the author of seven books, columnist (for a short while) started and went for my first interview on live TV after I turned 40. I've had more fun, met more people, done more things that I wouldn't have dreamed of doing earlier, nor had the opportunity of doing, and achieved more than I ever did before.

You may have to be braver, noisier, more determined when you're a bit older, but you also have the knowledge of experience, what worked and what didn't, what suits you and what doesn't. You may wish you'd found success earlier, that you were thinner, taller, more glamorous, but frankly dear, you can't put back the clock, and if you want to sit there and complain, that's totally up to you.

Being overlooked is extremely annoying, and believe me, having put around 200 manuscripts out there before I found a publisher, I know these things. But you have to have self belief, or you may as well go and buy that elasticated waist skirt and put your feet up now.

My favourite saying is 'If you don't succeed at first........'. So go and get on with it.x

By the way what has Helen Mirren got on her feet in this article. Truly yuck!