Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sheepskin Gloves, Driving Gloves, Fingerless Gloves - you need them all right now

Today when I looked out of the window the first thing I did was go to my glove drawer. Ok, that sounds pretentious, and it doesn't only have gloves in it, but that's where they all return to, hopefully in pairs, when the glove-wearing season is over. I do find pairs that have been stuffed into coat pockets and forgotten, as you do, but try to get them back to their home so they're waiting for me when I'm in need. Like today.

I've written about being cold and hating being cold before so you'll have gathered by now that I really mean it. I try and buy one new pair of warm lined gloves each year so that when my glove stealing daughter comes along and, even worse, lends one of my favourite pairs to one of her friends, I have a replacement. Somehow I never end up with all those extra pairs - I can't imagine why.

So today being the perfect glove day I thought I'd track down a great new pair. First stop was Celtic sheepskin where the quality is great, the prices are reasonable, there's a good range of colours and you can also order fingerless sheepskin gloves and driving gloves along with cashmere wristwarmers (on my Christmas list immediately) and sheepskin handmuffs, which are strictly for watching the telly in but yes, I'd like a pair of those as well.

Because I like to have a choice, and I bought these before, I then took a look at Dents, who as we all know make some of the best gloves around, and this year are offering their lambskin lined gloves in mahogany and a gorgeous pale camel, plus driving gloves and cashmere lined leather gloves.

Not surprisingly as soon as it gets frosty gloves start selling really fast, along with sheepskin anything else, so don't leave it too late. Cold hands are one of the worst things, in my opinion.

Radio Alert: Yesterday was fun, with daughter/father gap year travel rows going on in the background and three telephone interviews, culminating in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday fest on the Chris Evans Radio 2 Drive Time show in the afternoon. Which leads me to a question; Should you ever correct the presenter if he/she gets a fact wrong? With care, I think is the answer. I just hope that that was how I came over - or I won't be asked back. The trouble is that live radio goes so fast you can't remember. I hope one of my kids was listening. They'll definitely tell me.