Monday, 7 December 2009

The Perfect Pair of Heels..........

I don't think you could exactly describe me as a shoe addict, at least, not in the Imelda Marcos sense (or anything like), but I do love a great pair of heels, don't we all?

Particularly at this time of year, when most of us, or those who use public transport, are traipsing around in their rain-proof flatties with something high and gorgeous lurking in their sequin totes, you want to have several glamorous pairs, although if you're anything like me there'll be just a couple that you truly love and wear over and over again.

If you think it's ok to say that your true spend on something is the price divided by the number of times you've warn it, or them, then my best value shoes go like this; Gina's fabulous crystal encrusted sandals, which are something like these, and which I've worn in full-on dress-up mode, or with wide linen pants on a sun filled holiday, and LK Bennett's glamour courts - classic enough to wear anywhere, but with just that little bit of edge (and height) which the platform gives them.

I'm sure you'll have to agree that with these two (or should I say four) babies in your shoe closet you don't need any others. If only I could stick to that!

The delivery man has just arrived and brought me a wonderful cheer-up gift on a dull day from of their amazingly scented Beobab candles - I definitely needed a bit of spoiling today having had to cancel my lunch and with all this dreadful rain. When will it ever stop? Snow I'll confess to loving. Rain, rain go away!

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