Tuesday 6 November 2012

Down Coats and Jackets.............Your Best Winter Warmers

I've long been a collector of those puffed up, warm as anything hooded (if possible) coats and jackets that'll take you anywhere, keep you dry and warm, work perfectly as knee rugs (and no I am not that old) in the cinema and last you for ever and a day.

Lands End Down CoatThere are loads of them around right now, some cheap and cheerless, that will probably not keep you very warm, let alone dry, others stiff as a board in the name of fashion (and sometimes cropped!) and the very best ones are long, hooded, down filled and perfect.

I really can't listen to the 'oh I hate hoods' merchants who get out their brollies when the snow falls (I mean really!). I'm always warm, and I'll usually have a spare coat in the car with me so if you see me, and you're shivering, come and ask.

If all of this sounds a bit smug I really don't mean to, it just comes of living in a cold place (very), having three energetic dogs and wanting to keep warm.

Here are some excellent down filled coats and jackets - don't leave it too long to order - the best ones don't hang around for long.  And my advice is that although you will want to give a nod to fashion, the quality of the coat is what counts here.  Spend as much as you can possibly afford.  These coats and jackets will last you year after year, you just haul yours off the hanger as soon as it gets cold.

Best if you can is to have a couple, one long one to throw snowballs in, and one slightly shorter to look sexy in the snow over skinny jeans and trousers, your feet in a pair of boots, with the jacket slightly waisted to show that underneath all of those layers you do have curves.  Really.