Monday, 14 December 2009

One More for the Last Minute List - Definitely not for Dieters

Have we now gone from the 'what am I going to wear' to the panicked 'I have twenty people I need to buy presents for and haven't a clue where to start'? So from Christmas Glamour to Speed Shopping in just a couple of days - it seems that way to me, I have to say.

Somewhere you will probably have heard of but may not have shopped from is Lakeland. Where alonside all the Twirling Spaghetti Forks and Wet'n Dry Grinders (and other clever kitchen paraphanalia which I would be very careful about before giving as gifts), there's the Food Marketplace, with a huge collection of Chocolates and Confectionary Gifts including Turkish Delight, Chocolate Ginger and Champagne Truffles and brands such as Charbonnel et Walker, Niederegger and Lily o'Brien.

Then for kids there are buckets of Chocolate Slugs, tins of Gruesome Grubs and Milk Chocolate Mice. So something for everyone there then. Last minute express delivery orders up to 23rd December.

I know, as if there wasn't enough food around at Christmas. Somehow I always end up ordering from Lakeland for the 'sweetie plate' (platter more like) which my non sweet eating diet conscious kids insist we have each year as part of our tradition, but then refuse to touch.

I love Christmas - don't you?