Saturday, 12 December 2009

Next Day Delivery - Something to Shout About!!!!

When I wasn't being dragged shopping yesterday by the daughter for new tree baubles, which she refused to let me order online, I was trying to hide from the rows about the time the taxi picks her up from her birthday bash and whether she'll be up in time the next day for us all to go out to dinner! Too late and I doubt it, but we'll see.

Christmas brings all sorts of strange things in people, particularly online retailers, when many of them hide behind their websites hoping and praying that everyone'll go on buying from them right up until the last express posting day when in fact I, after fifteen years in direct mail and online retail get frustrated, annoyed and then start to LAUGH because I know that they won't.


The messages that most retail sites give out are as follows:

You MAY or MAY NOT get your order in time for Chrismas - we tell you on the site.
We MAY or MAY NOT offer to gift wrap your order - we'll let you know later.
You MAY have to wait up to seven days for your order.

When what they should be saying, on the home page is:

We offer guaranteed NEXT DAY DELIVERY
We will beautifully GIFT WRAP for you.

So when yesterday, a retailer I know and like pipped me to the post and asked me if I was going to create the ultimate list of those who offer both Next Day Delivery and Gift Wrapping (which I had already planned to do) I went ahead and did it. I would say that there are a couple here who don't offer gift wrapping and never have, but because of the range of products and the delivery service I put them in.
They're also up on the home page at

Incidentally - the picture above is from The Ribbon Shop - a great place to visit at this time of year.