Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Eve Debate - Sequins, Jeans and Heels or the Little Black Dress?

There's always a dilemma in my house on New Year's Eve - (it's my dilemma, I might add) - that of whether to go full on in my favourite Little Black Dress or dress down in a sparkly top, jeans and heels.

Every New Year's Eve is the same here, most of the family is here, the dogs are here (inevitably), the husband is cooking and creating all sorts of storms in the kitchen, including using every pan and utensil in the house, failing to wash them up, and leaving the kitchen looking as if something has exploded in it. On top of that the No 1 son, also chef inspired, will probably have stayed up until 5am in the morning cooking three incredible desserts for fourteen people of whom at least seven are professing to being on diets, and so creating another, slightly different type of storm to be cleared up before the day begins properly.

Now I better explain (defensively) that I can cook, that I love to cook, that I'm the only fully trained cook in the house, but the men in my family love to cook as well and I believe that they shouldn't be dissuaded, I'm sure you'll have no problem in agreeing with me.

What I'm trying to get back round to in the New Year's Eve Fashion Debate is that, although I would like to get dressed up to the nines, I'll have to spend part of the time with my Marigolds on. Being a straight forward bossy, organised Virgo I'm unfortunately unable to leave it all until the next day.

So. Sequins, jeans and heels or the Little Black Dress? Something to ponder on during the day but as I didn't manage to order this Marc by Marc Jacobs sequined cardigan in time my lace Ghost number from the wardrobe will probably win. Again.

Do you think it's too late to buy it now? Under the 'Luxe Sportswear' category that's about to be sooooo big for spring?

In case I'm unable to tweet everyone later - Very Happy New Year and let's drink to 2010!