Friday, 18 December 2009

It's Never Too Late.................Apparently

As I stood yesterday afternoon in a phone booth in the Westbury Hotel in London being interviewed for a BBC Radio program pre-record on the subject of Christmas shopping (what else), and I blithly admitted that I thought that prices would come down next week, I was, I'll admit, totally crossing my fingers that I would be right.

I was also thinking about another live radio show that I've been invited to be on next week, on the same subject (and I'll let you know which nearer the time, just in case it's 'cancelled due to unforseen circumstances') which will be on December 23rd, after the shops close!

I have to confess I totally don't understand, those who leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute, really because the old excuses, of not being able to get off work in time, young children, 'there'll be better bargains in the shops', don't really work now.

I also have a problem understanding why anyone would want to do all their Christmas shopping on the high street - yes it was lovely walking through the blue Christmas lights of South Molton Street, and the really festive lights on Regent Street, but the only things I carried back home were two pairs of Calvin's for my son's stocking (I know, at 21? I suspect he's never going to grow out of that one) and a pair of earrings.

The rest was waiting for me at home, thank goodness. Ordered online, of course!

Today is our major Christmas Tree day. I should explain; I live in a barn. Seriously. Our tree is normally between 15' and 18' high. Whoever puts the angel at the top has to go up a ladder to the top of one of the high beams and perform a balancing act. It is a ritual, accompanied by much rudery (as the ladder climber is usually my son), mince pies and crumpets.

This year we have a major problem, as we grow Christmas Trees, and ours is still out in the field, covered in snow. We may not have to dig it out of the frozen ground, but my floor may end up flooded.

We have 'tree shakers' coming over to help cut the tree down and decorate, we just haven't briefed them yet about the new 'tree shaking' part of the ritual.

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, and you'd like a straight click to the best express delivery shops, here they are.

We're all snow mad here, always have been, I suspect always will be. Here's one for the album (mine, I mean).