Friday, 4 December 2009

Glamour Jewellery - Get Ready to Shine

If this is the moment to sparkle and shine, and the bank balance isn't ready for a quick dash to Tiffany, then ASOS has to be a great place to visit, where all the looks are waiting for you for less.

A quick trip down the jewellery aisles will get you stone set earrings and as many bangles as you can fit on your arm, and with sequinned and rhinestone set cuffs, statement necklaces and glittering pendants, frankly there's enough bling to satisfy just about anyone.

This is not the time of year to be a snob about jewellery if you want to stand out, the beauty of this store is that you can have it all, (well most, anyway) and you won't feel any pain.

The other marvel I discovered here putting together Beauty Finds for, is their excellent range of beauty brands, including Illamasqua, Benefit, Too Faced and Urban Decay, plus some brands I've never heard of but am totally convinced I need to check out.

From shimmering eye colour palettes to metallic mascaras, pick up your next beauty fix (or a gift for a well deserving friend) while you're shopping for your party face. It's all here - and I mean all!