Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ghost - Iconic Brand - Where has it Gone?

My all time favourite Little Black Dress is a Ghost, lace covered slip in which I can eat, drink and be merry, and it never lets me down.

I have to say that I was surprised to find it originally, as I've always associated Ghost with highly priced flattering and easy to wear crepe dresses and separates which, because I'm short, never really suited me. Then I discovered two dresses in quick succession and then, almost immediately it disappeared from the stores.

Founded in 1984 by British designer Tanya Sarne, Ghost was a huge success story for over 20 years and won the British Apparel Export Award in 1992. Sarne parted ways with Ghost in 2006 after the controlling interest in the company was sold. In 2008 the company was rescued by the owner of shirtmakers Hawes & Curtis.

The new website carries no detail about the heritage of the brand - the designer, what made it so special (the unique processes used to create the fabrics, the wearability of the clothes, the celebrity collectors) which, for a brand that is still so famous, seems a real shame.

The two collections, Heritage and Modernist, aren't explained anywhere and the pictures, grey still life shots on a grey background, don't excite.

This is all, to my mind, a crying shame on the one hand and a complete waste on the other. Brands are hard to create, huge amounts of time and money are invested (frequently too much money, as we all know) to get a name, a label, a look 'out there', and Ghost succeeded in spades. Who hasn't heard of Ghost? Not many followers of fashion, I would think.

So please, if you're listening, bring Ghost back to life - there were over 27,000 searches for Ghost Clothing last month alone - I wonder how many of them bought. Just a few tweaks to start with, improved SEO, better pictures, 'the story', would make a huge difference.

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