Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Can Thermals be Sexy?................................

Thinking about this, this is definitely not a sexy subject to write about, and the words designer, fashion and luxury have no link with thermal underwear, let's face it. Absolutely none at all. So forgive me to touching on a subject that is close to everyone's heart right now, even if they don't really want to admit it - (say quietly) 'thermal underwear'.

If you haven't gathered by now I'll tell you again - I live right out in the wilds of Buckinghamshire, in a very, very old house which costs the earth to heat. Also my office isn't heated (apart from the six foot radiator I have expensively plugged in at the side of my desk which my husband sneakily tries to switch off every time he comes in).

So if it's truly 'warm hands, warm heart', then mine, at this time of year, is usually like a brick. although my fleece handwarmers, sheepskin lined boots and wonderful (and fashion-classic) Joseph shearling gilet do help.

Today they weren't going to be enough, and searching through the drawers I found my lace edged cami, one of a pile of 'ski-friendly' clothes and essentials I've collected over the years from various skiing trips. I need to search out the rest.

But for those who are now waking up to the fact that they are going to need something more than they already own to cope with the snow forecast for the end of this week, and want something that isn't totally boring - it is Christmas, after all - AND wanting it tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest, here's what I suggest.

Dash off to Uniqlo - and buy something from their Heattech range. Sexy? Non! But the prices are amazing and while you're there you can buy some half price Jil Sander for Uniqlo +J cashmere. You'd be mad not to. Next Day Delivery Option so you can order up to December 22nd.

Take a look at Bella di Notte - This classic lingerie site offers lacy thermal lingerie in surprisingly good colours such as Bordeaux and Blackberry as well as the more traditional black and ivory. It's excellent for clothes for lounging about in as well. They offer Next Day Delivery and Gift Wrapping.

Fabulous Figleaves? - Not much I need to say here, except that there's a very (surprisingly) small range, but one item I would really love to own in their thermal draped cardi. Next Day Delivery and Gift Wrapping.

Finally, of course, you can go to good old Marks & Spencer, where the prices are of course excellent, there's a good choice, but it definitely doesn't make me tingle!

My prize, without any hesitation, goes to Bella di Notte, where they managed to tempt me to order while I was just browsing their site (blackberry, strappy, lacy, pretty) - great news that they'll be launching a new one next year. It's amazingly hard to find glamorous thermal 'lingerie', but I'd say they've got it wrapped.

Carry on keeping warm!