Thursday, 10 December 2009

American Foods and Homewares including Barefoot Contessa and Gant

I first came across Redwood Bay on my return from the US a couple of years back, when I was determined to get my hands on a can of Blue Crab Bay Spiced Nuts (to which I'll freely admit I'm extremely partial to - they're seriously good)

Having pursuaded Adrian, the proprietor of this American and International foods and homewares store based in the UK that he really needed to stock them I've been keeping an eye on this site, where you can find Barefoot Contessa, Riviera Maison and Gant Home and such delicacies as American Cake Sprinkles, Pancake Mix and Chocolate Brownie Pudding.

Now aren't those just what we all need in the lead up to Christmas - Ex-pats and lovers of everything American - you will want to shop here.
My favourites are the Gant star throws, the unusual, attractive peg hooks, the vintage flag trunks and the hotel reception bell which, (ha ha) might just get my family to take notice that they're being called in to dinner. Having said that, I need a gong and even that probably wouldn't work.