Thursday, 26 November 2009

Roberto Cavalli Launches Transactional Website.........

I love Roberto Cavalli, the show stopping, sexy, glamourousness of it all and there would be lots of his fabulous creations in my wardrobe if I had my way. So yesterday, when I read these words in Drapers Online I was so happy, really, for all those Cavalli wannabes and followers who love his clothes too, and who now would be able to buy his clothes and accessories online.

So I rushed to the site (as you do) and once I'd got past the question of whether I was visiting the Fashion Site, or the Online Store - and you know which I clicked on - and once I'd got past the film show I arrived at the products, and they're just as covetable, glamorous and lust-worthy as I imagined they would be.

I don't like to scroll along products, I have to admit, but I can't fault the gloriously techinicolour way that you can see everything practically close enough to touch and with lots of different views.

There are, of course, other places you can buy Roberto Cavalli online, such as Net-a-Porter, where I think you can choose more easily although of course they don't have the range. And also the more affordable Just Cavalli brand, from whom I bought a wonderful silk printed black and gold jersey skirt, before my daughter (bless) snaffled it and turned it into a dress, temporarily, she said.....hah! She's been asked so many times if it was designer and of course, she was able to say yes.

Of to London civilisation today from the wilds of Bucks (the dogs, the mud after all that rain) - meeting at the London Fashion Club and with Linda Hemerik US Unlocked. Looking forward to both. Fashion and shopping as subjects of the day, what more could any girl ask for?

I have no doubt that for Cavalli lovers everywhere this site will be a huge hit. I hope it will be, and for every mainstream designer that arrives transactionally online and particularly to this one - here's to you Roberto!
For slightly more prosaic (notice I said 'slightly') evening accessories, checkout our Evening Accessories collection at Is Cavalli included? Well he is now, silly!