Friday, 27 November 2009

Jonathan Saunders interviewed by Dolly Jones of and that Kate Spade Bag

I'm going to get this out of the way first as it's so close to my heart (and now my hand).

As I may have mentioned a few times it really irks me that there are some US brands who you can't find in the UK without a trip to the shops here or even there - why is it, when they're so able to ship everywhere in the US from Florida to San Fran they can't be bothered to put that 'we ship worldwide' tag on their system and just go that little bit further?

I'm sure they will get there in the end but patience is not known to be my strong point so get moving along guys, please.

Anyway, yesterday was a particularly good day, as not only did I get to meet the very charming Linda Hemerik of USUnlocked, who in any case from now on is going fulfill all my US shopping fantasies by helping me buy anything I want from brands such as Bebe, Williams Sonoma, J Crew (yes really) Gap and more without my having to either leave home or cross the pond, but she also brought met this gorgeous and glamorous Kate Spade arm candy. Thank you so much.

It's sparkling softly beside me now (no not just rhetoric, it actually does sparkle). Jealous now? I thought so - well you better pay a visit to her at and then you can order your own, just in time for Christmas.

I also went to a meeting of the Fashion Business Club and watched Dolly Jones, editor of, interview Glaswegian fashion designer Jonathan Saunders. It was very interesting as his rise has been meteoric, and for me particularly so because he's going to be launching online in the next couple of weeks - and saw online being the answer to young designers not being able to afford their own store.

I'm sure he's right in a way, but I very much hope that his transition (although he'll still be there as well) from the exceptionally safe haven that is to an independent store goes well - getting it right online is not that easy, as many have discovered. Others of course have found huge success.

On my way back to the Westbury for a drink with other like-minded fashion bloggers and in particular Beth and Lisa from TheBeautyQuest I did a quick interview for Travel Mail about the benefits of online versus duty free shopping - all in a days work, don't you know?