Tuesday, 6 October 2009

New at Toy Watch - Fab Functional and Fun.....

Now let's be clear here, I only have one Toy Watch, which I bought on a trip to the US recently, but which I've worn many times and enjoyed watching friends and colleagues (because mine is black with the sparkly bits) wondering where I managed to find the dosh for the 'real thing' which isn't on my shopping list right now for obvious reasons (kids wanting money, Christmas, a 21st coming up and all the rest).

I don't love the brightly coloured versions although I know they're loved by many, but the oversized, perspex or plasteramic strap varieties are well worth thinking about for gifts (for someone else if absolutely necessary) and they not only look great but they work extremely well.

Needless to say while writing this I've fallen for another one - but then that's the problem for anyone writing about and reviewing products and online stores - we just have to live with it.

You can also see the collection at Jules B and what no one tells you, but I can from experience, it's extremely easy to adjust the strap of your new Toy Watch.

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