Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Five Favourite Sequin Jackets - Product Reviews Updated

Isabella Oliver Sequin Jacket

Every dedicated party girl needs a sequined jacket. Every store you look at is offering one (or more), and although some of them are fabulous, others are over shiny, hard to wear, cheap and not cheerful and you'll no doubt be walking right on by.

Whether you go for an investment piece (sequins are always a must-have around this time of year in some way, shape or form), or something that won't break the bank balance is totally your choice and that's the main problem, the choice is normally huge. Trying, as I always do, to make everything I buy work for me in lots of different ways I think you need to ask youselves the following questions before you go for it:

Armani Collezioni Sequin Jacket

Do I want it, love it and need it?
Does it flatter me?  Front, side and back?
Can I wear it with my favourite LBD?
Is it versatile - could I wear it for dressed up duty and insouisant casual as well with jeans.
Will I still love it tomorrow (or will it disappear into the back of my cupboard never to be brought out again?) The worst kind of buy.

True Decadence Sequin Blazer

French Connection Crepe Sequin Jacket

These are my Five Favourite Sequin Jackets

True Decadence Sequin Blazer
Isabella Oliver Sequin Jacket (also comes in black)
ASOS A Wear Draped Sequin Jacket
French Connection Crepe Sequin Jacket
Armani Collezioni Sequin Jacket

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