Monday, 14 September 2009

This bag is mine!

Sitting here in the South of France (but don't worry, it's not that warm right now), with my wondrous little Samsung netbook in front of me, outside, because I can't get any signal inside, I'm delighted to still be able to write about new discoveries, and in fact no-one any more has any excuse not to keep in touch.

So, on to shopping, two delicious items have come to my attention in the past couple of days, this fab handbag by Mulberry and Ash's blue suede, knee high boots, which I'm going to take a look at again tomorrow n a little shop where I spotted them in St Remy and decide if you really need to know more about them. Let me know if that's a definite yes please.

Anyway, back to the bag, isn't it fascinating that a design house can present the same handbag, season after season, in different finishes and colours and it still manages to stay in vogue (literally and figuratively speaking?) How difficult must it be to create a real classic with all that incredible longevity and how much luck is involved?

In this case I don't think that I'd want one in every colour but I do love this one. Don't you?

Check out the rest of the best of the web at and expect more news about those blue suede boots next.