Monday, 21 September 2009

On the subject of green nails..........

I'm sitting here taking a moment to study my nail polish, which at this point in time is pale neutral, and I'm wondering what it would take for me to paint my nails pale green?

At this point many of you are probably muttering into your coffees 'oh she's so old fashioned' but to be really honest with you I don't like pale green, never have done and pale green nails? Well having seen it last week on a (much more on-trend than me) friend I'm sticking with my opinion. It's not for me, it might work in summer but in winter? Nein, no, non. Anyway, for those dedicated followers of fashion you'll be probably be sobbing already because Chanel's famous Jade has sold out before its arrival. I'll be sticking to my neutral or dark purple, another favourite.

Having said that, Casablanca, by Jessica, is green(ish) sparkly, and hmmm yes I could go for it for a winter evening party whereas Sparkling Green is again back on the pale side - take your choice.

Off to Ad:tech today - not sure my techie language is up to it but I'll give it a go - had to get the boots out today, autumn is definitely here.

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