Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Five fastest beauty fixes............................

For those who are going to be shlepping around London for London Fashion Week (and also for those who aren't), here are five fast beauty fixes for quick cosmetic repairs.

Sitting at an 'Event' for Trish McEvoy in Selfridges recently, whose cosmetics I love and whose planner I never leave home without, I was stunned at the number of people who stuck their hands up when asked 'who takes longer than an hour to do their makeup every morning'? An hour? Who has the time? Do you really want to get up that early in the morning to put your face on, or is time not an issue?

As someone who is never to be seen makeup-less (everyone asks me if I'm ill) and who likes to look reasonably groomed even if I'm sitting in my office at home all day, I can tell you that, unless it's for an extremely special event, I never take more than a very few minutes.

Try these and then let me know what you think:
Bobbi Brown Concealer get your shade tested
Nars blush stick - In Orgasm
Lancome mascara L'Extreme
Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick - pink or bronze for a shimmery glow all day


Add those to the eyebrow pencil I wrote about a couple of days back and you're away.

Finally - lips

I'm always being asked what colour I'm wearing, and usually it's three different products (takes a sec I promise). I'll tell you about those tomorrow.

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