Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Best Place to Find - Cashmere Knitwear........

We seem to be awash with cheap cashmere, some online retailers specialise in just cashmere and others include it in the range - however - for modern cashmere basics which are good quality and reasonably priced there are two places it's well worth keeping an eye on, one in the UK and the other across the pond (don't remind me that the pound has gone down against the dollar - I'm only too well aware, however even with standard shipping and duty applied these prices are very good).

Take a look at Lands End for cashmere knitwear basics in a great range of colours including Rich Red, Blackberry and Spicy Brown. They also have a very good collection of men's and women's fleece jackets if you're one of those people, as I am, who has to walk their dogs every morning and likes to be snuggled up.

The other place to browse - and don't leave it too late - is LL Bean. Yes I know they're based in the US but these are good prices from a high quality store. They have cashmere sweaters and fleece jackets for men, women and kids plus loads more to look at from outerwear to luggage and homewares.
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