Thursday, 27 August 2009

Having a love affair with purple.....

Doesn't it amaze you sometimes how online stores actually manage to put you off products because of their pics, and if you spot something in a store you fall in love immediately? - You would have thought online retailers would have learnt by now how to add that extra bit of appeal factor online, particularly with the interractive fitting rooms that are springing up everywhere.

One store did this to me today - I spotted a coat in a store window, loved the colour and the style and went to search for it online. Hey presto! It's practically unreconisable. Love it anyway and take it from me it's a winner, at least until the cold weather starts.

Take a look at the best of the web at

Oh yes, on the subject of those interractive changing rooms; yesterday I managed to layer a pair of jeans underneath a dress (which was very much a dress) with a denim jacket and a coat on top, not at this website and I'm not ready to tell. Not sure that was what was really intended. Question? Are we getting too clever for our own good? My advice? Get the pictures right first and the rest will follow.