Thursday, 23 July 2009

Beauty Treats - two to take away

Shopping in London yesterday and guess what - despite the fact that I'll be in the shopping heaven that is the US next week just couldn't resist snapping these up on my way out of Debenhams (where I'd gone for a meeting but ho hum........ you can't take the shopping out of the Shopaholic, now can you?).

Chanel's new rich and shimmering nail colour Cosmic Violine which trust me is the most gorgeous shade if you like slightly glittery dark plummy/brown colours (and which will go perfectly with that tan I'm going to be getting 'stateside next week) and

Lancome's new Oscillation mascara - Lancome unquestionably make some of the best mascaras out there, if not the best and you're never taking a risk when you buy them.

Love them both, wearing them now and getting ready to put them in my bag!