Monday, 22 June 2009

Just found on sale

Just found in the Net-a-Porter sale, totally covetable, which leads me to more wise words about sale shopping, and designer sale shopping in particular. You've almost certainly realised by now that all designers, and all brands, size differently. Annoyingly there's no question that one brand's size 12 is another brand's size 10 - so how to sort out the 12s from the 10s when you're about to commit and press that 'buy now' button?

The way to look at it is if you're buying from a mainstream high street 'mature' brand you can be pretty safe in ordering your size. If it's a designer superbrand, or a label aimed at a young market then be very careful. Check the size charts by all means, but remember that close fitting items, such as (non stretchy) shift dresses, neat little jackets and pencil skirts will always be harder to size than jersey pieces (wrap dresses, tops, the lot) knitwear anything slightly trapeze shaped.

The real answer would be to order two sizes and then send one back, but my plastic wouldn't stand the strain and maybe yours won't, so go up a size if in doubt and play it safe.

Having just fallen in love with this dress I'd have to be seriously careful - think I'd be better to order that Marc Jacobs handbag at 40% off. Problems, problems.............

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