Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Dressing up Rule No 1

Walking around Glyndebourne yesterday afternoon with opera supremo Nick we started playing the 'spot the best/worst dressed' game which made me think - why do people do it? At the risk of sounding just a teeny weeny bit critical, don't they look in the mirror before they go out? I am vertically challenged at 5' 2" and a bit horizontally challenged too so don't tell me that it's easy, it isn't but a modicum of thought will do the trick.

This isn't, believe me, a matter of spending loads of money on clothes or buying into the latest trends. It may be, partly, because some people just don't care - or have convinced themselves that they don't care. My belief is that everyone cares at some level.

My Chilean friend who I went with, who is definitely no taller than me, wore a fantastic slim black and white print coat by Jaeger over a simple M & S linen shift and some 'bring it all together' costume jewellery which just goes to show that you can successfully mix one statement piece with simple, stylish high-street buys and look a million dollars.
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